Finding the Singularity.

There is always a Beginning, a place of inception, a true base. I have created and am currently teaching this singularity to all my students.

The goal is to expound on this to those who don’t think they can achieve a balance of work, health, and sanity.

The single solution: fighting the inconsistency in your daily life.

Fifteen minutes a day is all you need to calibrate the rhythm of your day. In the beginning, more than time, more than content, it’s the consistency of your daily doing. Doing the THING on a REGULARLY executed basis.

First, learn the correct choices for foods, fitness, and meditation. Second, use that blueprint for your needs and wants. Then, how to implement them.

The map for food and the map for fitness as well as meditation are all part of the Hanzo Balancing Act, dealing only with the true base foundation of each discipline. Wrong diet, inactivity, zero stress valve, and poor sleeping patterns. These are the foundation to a strong you. A healthy you. Inside and out.

But INCONSISTENCY is always the culprit. The cancer that destroyed the plans to change. Over time, this lack of consistency shows up in many ways. Fatigue, weight gain, loss of desire to be active/work out, lack of self-confidence at work or home, depression, anxiety, diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammation, and hormone imbalances (in men as well as women).

The balance in its perfect Simplicity.

Food: eliminate sugar, gluten, mindless snacking, erratic meal times, and lame justifications.
Keep: fresh veggies, fruit, lite proteins (eggs, fish, whey, turkey).

Fitness: walking, jump rope, pushups, pull ups, stairs, Russian squats. These are all equipment free options. Expanded possibilities include: kettlebells, rings, Bosu, Swiss ball, slack line, and mace. You will be exposed to these disciplines, along with the forgotten art of calisthenics.

These things will provide a positive simple objective for your health.

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