chair-balance-redMotivate! Much like fast food, there is a whole industry built upon the flimsy concept of motivation. At least with fast food you get a toy and usually gas. In infomercial land, all you really need to motivate yourself is a large room full of Tony Robbins clones foaming at the mouth and bonding over their need to make the connection to sucsessfully living the dream. Just like Tony!! Heliports on the roof, pools in the back yard, lots of jewelry and furniture from Italy, oh yeah… and your trophy guy or gal.

Perhaps there’s another way. How about first finding out what you would like (as opposed to what greaseball Tony Robbins is selling you). He is committed to making sure you get your bulky butt a helicopter. How aboutt finding a truth in you through zen? Simple and clean. Nothing to buy, nothing to do. Just standing and breathing and let your self (ego self) go does not require a purchase. Only through quiet standig can you hear your true voice. The one we all ignore. You know that little voice that says turn here but (we think) we should probably go the normal route and take our chances. What could go wrong?

You could end up as a Tony Robbins disciple shopping for mega-mansions to prove your worth and jetting off to important golf meetings… but that likelihood is slim to none and as for appeasing your true inner self, making and spending does not confirm a healthy and happy life upon you.