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Pay attention. I offer a simple, visual breakdown on a wide range of basic techniques that — as you refine them to a deeper level — will reveal a calmer, stronger, leaner you. Simplicity is the balance. The balance is simple… but you need a teacher to build an individualized roadmap to reach your goals. I am that teacher.

six points to balance

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being a barnacle on the hull of a ship is the same thing as permanently adhering your ass to the couch. why? (you ask)… because both take up space and consume resources, giving absolutely nothing back. don’t be a barnacle! learn to move with purpose and reap the benefits of a simple yet strategic exercise protocol.
food is the kryptonite of every human on the planet: some don’t have any; most in the West have too much. what do you and your body require? understand what your body needs, and how your brain and hormones act on the basics of eating: what a concept!
…misguided, misinformed, and much misunderstood. welcome to the basics again! things don’t change but environments do, and health conditions do. we can alter all of them with food and fitness…but sometimes we need to spackle the cracks. how to supplement yourself by adding what your food and your environment can’t do alone.
there are lot of roads to a calm, clear mind… this will help clear up the picture showing what is actually required to achieve a state of mental peace. the goal? less! (yep, that’s it – less.) but how much less?
there is a whole industry built upon the flimsy concept of motivation – Tony Robbins clones foaming at the mouth and bonding over their need to live the dream. how about first finding out what you would like? stand. breathe. letting your (ego) self go does not require a purchase. only through quiet standing can you learn to hear your inner voice.
balance is the goal. getting you there is what we do. here are some examples of how to put it all together, changing people’s lives one at a time
By living the balanced life 24/7, I am constantly learning and exploring with true masters of disciplines such as martial arts, Russian Kettlebells, and Zen meditation. These aspects inform a 30 year run of trying, doing and objectively reviewing methods and results for all things necessary to live and maintain a balanced life. Bottom line = a strong body and a quiet mind.

What is this all about? The balance. Why this effort to expose this view of base truths in the area of the mind and body? Hasn’t this been said and done a million times before? Boatloads of books, from Oprah to Chopra. Celebrity opinions on how all this life stuff works. Infomercials, pills, gurus of every sort and configuration. Yet even the smartest of us end up not knowing where to start or how to trust in the path we do end up choosing; and that my friends is where this site differs from all others. I will give you the basic outline of what your mind and body need, backed up with real outcomes that make sense to your life. Real people, real me, real deal. We bring only the elements that work; practices that propel you forward as a person. So, welcome aboard! Keep your hands inside the ride and nobody gets hurt.
“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and cause and prevention of disease.” — Thomas Edison

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