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The premise of this site is to teach people how to find their own singularity.  The ignition point of the foundation to being healthy in body and mind, as well as their actions to others as well as themselves.

What is the act of real change?  Does it require you to learn or achieve a certain level of ability? This is the big question.  What do I need, or have to do?

Has the act of letting go become so overstated that it’s meaning has become so trite that it is impossible to relate it to your own environment?  The ability of relying on the self – not being deceived or manipulated by altered input from friends, family, media or your own toxic ego?

How can you stay on point for your own truth/singularity?  A map of how to start the inner exploration of the hardest, yet simplest task you’ll ever undertake?  Whew!  Sounds trick. Lets go!



So my morning starts out harmless enough.  I’m reading a national geographic (yes in the bathroom).  I’m reading this story about black holes. The story centers around what’s not there and how much of what’s not there affects the surrounding stars.  Not to mention the other cosmic party favors floating around usm like gaseous flares from the sun, invisible energy that sucks whole solar systems up like M&M’s.  Then there’s aliens and flying monkeys (ok, ok,  so there might not be aliens, but the monkeys?  Come on!).  Anyway the crux of this story is that scientists, quantum scientists in particular, are searching to explain this nothing.  They believe there is such a thing  as a non-particle.  The catch seems to be that they just can’t be measured or seen or felt or … well, there’s your hard earned tax dollars at work (it’s a show about nothing Jerry).  Just more collegiatte smarty pants busy work.  Padding there tenure with dollar bills and ego strokes.  Even so, I still happen to think that this is important stuff to know because  in many ways it amps up the expansion of the human grab bag.  Like using  the body more efficiently, or creating technology that can enable people to walk or see.  Which would not be possible without there self-indulgent, if not spastic out burst of questioning and designing. speculating, and postulating.  But then again there’s the technology that we don’t need the collateral fallout, if you will, of the science moving forward or sideways.  Now I also think that scientists are the antithesis of control freaks, but with a major plus.  They tend to generally accept what is.  Right up until there they think that the concept in general has changed.  They don’t tend to judge the stuff they study they just study the stuff and judge the equations.  Outcome from data that confirms or negates it.  That is unless they can’t explain it.  Then it’s off to funding land with a new proposal and more stuff to fill their time with.  Even though they know that time and space is a manifestation of the human brain and does not exist in the universe that they study.  Nonetheless, they drive themselves towards a solution like a pack of crazed Shriner’s trying to get laid in Omaha.  No what am I saying?  We/they just can’t leave things as they are.  We/they need to understand or explain it.
We are finite in our brains, but continually try to break free by proving that there is no there there, and they make a career out of totally fabricating mathematical equations that nobody but themselves have a clue as to how it works, or even if it does.  They successfully convinced the media that they are legit and if they say its important then you fuckers better listen up.  We’re fucking scientist after all, you un educated troggs!  We don’t seem to be happy unless we are fucking shit up with abstract theories and Bunsen burners!  Coming up with new ways to sell old songs is a religion here in the west.  There hasn’t been an original thought since … since…. well a long time.  We revel in the past, the way it use to be.  Everything we think we remember as awesome or liking.  We skew, even though we can’t (or won’t) recall what the environment was really like when things where really good.  We decide it was way better than now.  Example, the  50s car shows, class reunions, oldies radio stations.  We love crapping in the yard in the same place don’t we?  The same seat in school.  Same is comfort to us humans.  We like to know what’s going to happen ,but we still complain that nothing new ever happens and that your bored. Welcome to planet stupid.  All of us.
So I’m thinking about how hard some of us need to have a rule of law, universal or otherwise. Some of us need bold. well defined lines to color in.  Some of us don’t even want paper, but the average Jill and Jim just wants a rough cut, a summary.  You know, the outline to a happy, problem free life.  Please don’t make me think!
So that’s why i think the group mind meld is so important to folks.  If everyone is doing it, they won’t notice me. and if everybody is doing easy shit, so much the better.  That’s why at happy hour your able to belch out the party line:  “Yeah I did the elliptical today, level 9!  Yeah, I did the weight circuit,  twice!  Yeah, I talked on the phone while i did my leg extensions.  Yeah that is a new pair of shoes, they cost a fortune.  Why yes Fred, I did get a new car.  Say Helen, did you hear about” .. .aaahhhhhhhh, stop!
This goes on ad infinitum.  The bullshitting to ourselves and others.  That, in turn, allows them to puke right back their propaganda.  But what if you could see that your doing the busy work of nonliving?  What if you could make your life about not acquiring as much shit as you can and entertaining yourself in to a coma?  What if you could pull out your own quest for the singularity of you.  The very essence of who and what you are and what you should become and accomplish.  How about that for some sexy ass shit?
So what would this take?  Can I get an app for this?  Can i get noticed?  Does it come with really cool clothes?  What’s it cost?  How long does it take?  How long does it last?  I’m busy this Tuesday, can we start later?
And so it goes.  I’m coming from a hard earned truth of my own.  Everyday I restart the engine of truth.  What am i doing and is it what i want?
Absolutely none of this matters, unless you really wish (and want to) make a break for the truth exit.  You have to have a singular desire to forgo the bullshit of human madness and agreed upon zombielike behavior and go it alone.  You can’t do this as a team sport.  You must undertake this little lifelong expedition all by your lonesome and deal with the constant weird anomalies that arise from living in a real truth and pretend Suburbialand.  Or perhaps you’re a Homie or an alien or anyone of the many fine ego identities we have provided for you.  Would you like to change that?  Sure, no problem!  That is line #2, wait time approximately 15 minutes.  The hard sell for this is that you are required to be wide awake, honest and vigilant.  Doing so is the classic catch 22.  The catch?  You can’t get out of the army unless your crazy but if you think your crazy they can’t ….. well, trust me its convoluted.  So letting go of old you and letting real you out is the gig.  NOT letting go of your old self and replacing it (or manifesting it or changing it) that is not the project at hand.  That’s what the bullshit self-help gurus and authorities in the new Aggy punk arenas think and they’re only in for the dollars and the deals.  But some groups like Shoulin monks are real and invisible in there trade of truth and presence.  They just do and that’s it.  That is what fucks everone’s head up.  The nothing move.  Grow and understand by not  doing anything.  How tough could that be, right?  Nothing is hard!  Real hard.  Nothing is the Everest of hard shit.  The act of not doing is a god damn brain imploder.  What ever you do, don’t ask a scientist to do nothing.  They’ll ex-fucking-plode.  This will be the cornerstone of the Doc. and the reappearing theme.  Hell, its the only theme.
(insert monkey and change font – wheres my reward)
Where’s my reward?  When is the special invite only class for super advanced people, such as myself,  starting?  Do I get a t shirt?  Can I get it a size bigger?  Where do we start?  It’s right in front of you, my chunky little friend.  The biggest questions of all is who are you, and what do you want?  With those two little questions,  you can rule the universe.  That is if you can answer them, then accomplish them, and then pass them on.  How tough is that?  Like i said before,  you’re going to have to let fucking go of ever thing.  I mean every.  God damn.  Thing.   You had an opinion on and a fresh start   From why you like the smell of pine trees, to the way you like to dress like a circus clown and freak out little kids.  Asking the question of who am I first.  We know who we think we are, but we really never attempt to be ourselves.  Flaws and all .

ego table for 10

Yeah, it all starts with the ego ideas of us.  Who the ego likes and not who we are.  Now I realize that this may seem like some contrite awareness, buy like everything else, the idea of being oneself has elapsed into a diabetic inducing rage of food tevo and apathy.  Rolling your caras away from the wreckage is the task at hand and an easy one at that.  Just being quiet for five minutes a day.  Being still. Motionless.  No thoughts.  No chance, Amigo.  You are doomed from the get go.  This is like taking a cup and trying to empty the ocean every day.  You dump out cup after cup, but it keeps on raining.  Holy crap!  That’s a lot of thinking.  I’m just gonna roll my bloated form over to the sofa and watch the Biggest Loser.  Love watching those poor schmucks bust a gut.  Dumb asses.

Now the good news is that it does work.  On a daily basis, you get less and less water in the big cater you call a brain.  Does it rain?  Yes, it rains.  It pours, as a matter of fact, with other people’s wishes and needs and drama.  We just keep zen.  Staying mentally still.  Quiet of breathing, an stay in the moment.  I know you’ve heard that from Depache and Oprah a million times the effect is a desensitizing one.  Not to mention, they’re usually fogging something they’d like you to buy.  But staying in the moment is to REMAIN WITHOUT JUDGEMENT.  That means about yourself, or your actions, or what others think and do.  It is redundant.  It goes nowhere fast.  Meditating for a lack of a better word, is simple.  Very simple.  You just stand or sit in a place where you won’t be interrupted and close your eyes and breath in and breath out.  Period.  This will prove to be quite a task.

Budda who?  You also.  You are not going to go through any extreme metamorphosis of your religious beliefs.  Or a redistribution of faith.  Nope.  You just stand still, breath,  think about something, or nothing.  You go back to just breathing and standing.  That is it.  That’s who we are.  Just protoplasm that sucks air in and out and causes a lot of fucking disruption in the universe.  Like wars, pollution, the band ABBA.  Oh yea, let’s not forget IDEOLOGY!  Anyway, meditation is referenced all throughout history.  No matter what you believe in, the main theme is always initiated with prayer or meditation.  Tomato, tomato.

You don’t touch any of this crap by the way.  The crap being your thoughts on not having certain thoughts about your other thoughts.  Simple.  You just work to stay zen.  Let them wallow in there own dramas.  You stay out of it.  Them being your ego identity.  But then too there are other individuals in your life that will work unconsciously to void your progress.  Clean up your mess first, then you can help others, but don’t use others to avoid your own poop pile of dysfunction.  Deal with it by letting it go and breath.  Zen, zen, zen.  Are you listening?  BREATH!
This might be the single most devious invention ever of the ego’s (opinions) and that’s what we are talking about when we say let go..
We mean let go of opinions about everything!  All of it.  Dogs, people, wars, politics, toasters, hairstyles, you name it, you have  an opinion.  Well you don’t , but your ego does.  So again in stillness we discover that we think about things and we have an opinion about them.  Your mother your father your shit head ex.  But what if you let go of all that BS and just looked at them with  nonjudgemental eyes?  The answer will vary, but the outcome will remain the same.  You will change by letting go of opinions about stuff and people.
So lets get on with it.  The zen that is.  Now what’s for dinner?  Nothing?!  The premise of this site is to teach people how to find their own singularity.  The ignition point of your foundation to being healthy in body and mind, as well as their actions to others as well as themselves.