John Kass (aka has a neurological condition called HSP – as he says in the first video, “my legs don’t talk to my brain.”

Follow along as Ron Morris presents a genuine balanced approach to natural healing. This is going to be a long process for John; he hasn’t been able to feel his feet for over 3-1/2 years. This has caused many problems: now he can no longer drive a car, and has to use a walker to get around.

Since his business revolves around hauling and sorting boxes of vinyl records, stereo gear, and other stuff, it’s imperative that he get back on his feet to keep his business running and save his own life.

the goal of this project: life change

it’s simple: save a life, extend a life, revitalize a life. once again I have the opportunity to practice and teach what I live: the balance of food,fitness and natural healing through qi-gong. documenting the weeks and months of treatment is an essential part of inspiring others to see that there is more to a disease then meds and waiting rooms and bleak outlooks of more medications and limited life activities. this is proof of the simple but deep approach to learning and instigating a balance in one’s life.

1: food

with john, I immediately put him into a restricted time for eating: all food to be eaten within 10 hours, so for the other 14 hours, no food allowed.  this is mini-fasting which, as you will come to learn, has more unseen effects than people realize. in applying the balance, we eliminate the easy stuff first — the big stuff that blocks body functions. insulin and hormones run the machine — they of all things must remain in balance. with john they were most certainly out of whack. pop, snacks, and sugar are now history. this simple change leads to immediate weight loss and a slow correction of hormones and insulin.

2: deep tissue work with qi gong

this is an old technique called tui na = hard pressure on the physical and energetic blockages within the body. the sequence varies as progress is made. effects are both immediate and delayed, but both are important in equal parts to the outcome

3: attitude

the student (John) best be ready to implement a positive approach to what seems like a daily grind at the beginning. but the grind actually does not exist — it is a perception. that’s where the zen comes in.

4: movement

at this point for john there is very little moving around. sitting and standing are status quo — the reason behind this is that he is unable to feel his feet, well, that is until now. as of now, with only 4 treatment sessions, he now can feel his feet. this is a game changer
check below for updated treatment logs and videos…