everyday essentials



Every foundation in every building has the first brick. These two together (Everyday Essentials and Immune Support) are the first brick… they are the base, the support for everything that you’re going to do for your own health and physical fitness. You are here. This is the beginning point, like that point on the map of a shopping mall. These are the basics of nutritional and immune system support. Without these to supplement a really good diet, you will be vulnerable to injury and illness.

Nutri-Dyn produce variations on Everyday Essentials for men, women, athletes, pregnancy, and so on.

Comprehensive Support for Overall Health

Everyday Essentials provides comprehensive nutritional support for overall health and well-being. Each bottle contains 30 packets of high quality broad coverage supplements including Essential Multi, Omega Pure EPA-DHA 600+, Cal-Mag-K, and D3 5000 with K2 for broad-spectrum health benefits.

Clinical studies widely accept that a comprehensive nutritional supplement regimen may help support overall health and well-being. Clinical research has demonstrated the efficacy of Everyday Essentials to:

• Support overall health and well-being
• Support cognitive function and balanced moods*
• Promote energy production and vitality
• Promote healthy gastrointestinal function
• Promote joint health
• Promote cardiovascular health*
• Promote bone health
• Support healthy circulation
• Support healthy skin and tissues